How Flexible Office Space Helps with Workforce Fluctuations

Flexible Office Space | Guardian Business CenterAs a small business owner, you’ll rarely have employees remain with your company as long as you.  The ebb and flow of personnel is a reality of small business ownership.

In an ideal world, your office space would be able to expand and contract along with your workforce. However, most office leases are fixed.

Despite these challenges, it’s possible to find flexible office space in Atlanta. Here are some common situations business owners face when dealing with workforce fluctuations and office space.

Flexible Office Space Means Growth Not Growing Pains

Every business has that one big deal.  The customer whose contract changes everything for your company. But the blessing of more business can bring staffing increases your current office footprint can’t accommodate.

Ideally, your leasing company would allow you to easily move to a bigger office space within the facility, if available, or move to a new location altogether.  However, penalties for breaking a lease can be costly.

Flexible office space allows your business to grow in revenue, personnel and space. Flexible office space offers month to month leases that allow you to adjust your footprint without incurring penalties.

Downsizing Doesn’t Mean You’re Business is Doomed

Small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs deal with cut backs all the time.  These could be the result of the economy, budget limitations from clients, or due to personal situations. Fluctuations in a business’ revenue stream can have long-term effects on how you staff your business as well as your office space requirements. Sometimes this requires you to streamline your staff or find ways to use resources more efficiently.

In the end, your staff may have to be reduced and your contractual obligations to your commercial landlord may need to change, too.  Traditional lease agreements, however, can be difficult to modify.  The rigidity can oftentimes make a tough financial situation worse.

Flexible office space is one way to address these challenges. Flexible office space typically features open floor plans that allow you to reduce the space you use without having to worry about a penalty.

When business is booming again, you can build up your workforce again and add more office space if needed.

Whether you’re dealing with growth or downsizing, the key to success is not to panic. Having flexible office space that can be adjusted as your business changes makes it easy to take advantage of opportunities and scale back when necessary.

Guardian Business Center offers businesses flexible office space, open floor plans and month to month leases. Contact us today at 770-458-6633 to schedule a tour of our facility.


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