Prepping Your Office Space in Atlanta for Client Meetings

Prepping for Client Meeting | Guardian Business CenterTraditionally, an office is seen as a place where work gets done. Whether that means spreadsheets are being compiled or strategies are being formed, the setup of the office is usually designed for the comfort of the person who works there everyday.

However, work occasionally involves client meetings. This can be an issue if you work in a small or undecorated space. So, before your customers come to meet with you, it’s important to turn your office space in Atlanta into an environment that you feel comfortable selling in.

Three Keys to Successful Client Meetings at Your Office

Set Up a Meeting Space

First, you need an area to actually meet with the clients. Whether that is in a conference room or in a personal office, this space should be comfortable for all parties.

Also, it is important to ensure that the area has all of the items needed for the meeting. If you are going to do a Powerpoint presentation, for example, know how to run the system before the meeting begins. Otherwise, you might have to take up precious time in the meeting figuring out the projector or flat screen display.

Present a Clean Front

While some of us are naturally neat, others work best in organized chaos. But if you’re inviting a client into your area to meet, nothing will end a sale faster than a messy space.

You want to look productive with your time and energy, not as though you are overextended. Take the time to tidy up the office, putting unnecessary papers and documents out of sight. This will make your client feel as if you are focused solely on his or her business and increase the possibility of a sale.

Make the Environment Pleasant

Rather than seeing a client meeting as an interruption to your day or a stressful encounter, take the time to make it enjoyable. This not only means changes to the physical environment, such as ensuring there are enough chairs or that refreshments are provided, but also that the conversation itself is memorable.

Most importantly, If you can, turn off your phone and focus completely on the task at hand. In today’s business world, this is a rare occurrence and will make your client feel as though you value his or her business above all else.

Flexible Office Space Helps

There are some businesses, however, that are not set up for client meetings in their current space as it is not a formal office. If you are a startup company working out of a garage or small business in a basement, you might need to think outside of your home for these meetings.

Instead of trying to discuss numbers in a coffee shop or around your kitchen table, you can instead rent flexible office space that allows you to meet with clients in a professional environment. These types of offices come with many built-in perks to ensure you don’t have to worry about setting up the perfect meeting space. Many come with access to conference rooms, kitchen areas and warehouse storage space.

Renting flexible office space helps build an image in the customer’s mind that your business is successful and worth investing in, which is often the very purpose of these client meetings to being with.

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