What Items Need to Be Stored in a Climate Controlled Warehouse in Atlanta?

Climate Controlled Storage | Guardian Business StorageMost people will find themselves needing a little extra storage space at some point in their lives. Maybe you need temporary storage during a move or maybe a new addition to your family has you scrambling for extra space. Whatever the reason, warehouse space can be a big help when need a little more room to stretch.

Aside from size, the biggest choice to make when looking for storage space is whether or not it needs to be climate controlled. In many places around the country, climate controlled storage is more of a luxury. However, when choosing warehouse space in Atlanta it’s almost a necessity.

Climate controlled storage is recommended if temperatures will rise above 90 degrees or fall below 32 degrees and if the area experiences high humidity. Atlanta features all of the above.

What Items Require Climate Controlled Storage?

Wooden items, Especially Furniture – Wood attracts humidity like a sponge and will warp, crack or even rot if exposed to it for long enough.

Antiques – Antiques should be kept between 68 and 75 degrees to prevent damage.

Leather items – Because of its porous surface, leather attracts mold and mildew easily. It can also crack if it gets too dry.

Fabric, such as clothing, bedding or upholstered items – Like leather, the porous surface of fabric items attracts and holds moisture, making them likely to grow mold or mildew. Bedding can also attract pests.

Metal items that are prone to rust or tarnish – Increased humidity speeds up both rusting and tarnishing, sometimes leading to irreversible damage.

Wicker items – Like wood, wicker attracts moisture and will warp, split or rot in high humidity.

Special collections – Any collector’s items, or any item that needs to maintain a certain condition or value, should only be stored in a climate controlled warehouse.

Art and art supplies – Because of the porous and heat reactive nature of many art materials, art and art supplies should only be stored in a climate controlled warehouse. Heat and moisture can cause paint to run or dry out, frames to warp or crack and pigments to change color or texture.

Document or paper goods – Humidity and pests can quickly destroy important documents, including magazines and books.

Musical instruments – Humidity can warp wooden instruments and rust metal parts, altering the sound.

CDs, DVDs, vinyl LPs and cassette tapes – Heat and humidity can warp records, CDs and tapes.

Photos and film – Heat can destroy the chemicals in film and both heat and humidity can fade pictures and cause mold and mildew to form.

Electronics – Extreme temperature and humidity can corrode parts and cause condensation to form inside the appliance, causing the device to short circuit.

Watch Out For Humidity When Storing Items

More than heat or cold, humidity is the biggest danger to stored items. It causes damage, mold and mildew, and attracts pests.

In a southern city like Atlanta, where humidity gets very high and stays that way, moisture damage due to humidity is a constant threat.

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