Tips for Creating an Office Space That Motivates Your Atlanta Team

The pace of business in Atlanta rarely slows down.  Small businesses rely on their Tips for Creating an Office Space That Motivates Your Atlanta Team | Guardian Business Centeremployees to keep them moving forward. After your employees spend hours in the car commuting to work, they should be greeted with a stress-free office space environment.

Unfortunately, few companies give the design of their office space much thought. As a result, most offices are full of distractions that reduce productivity and motivation. According to recent Gallup studies, unmotivated employees cost companies $300 billion in lost productivity each year.

Here are a few tips for creating an office space that motivates your Atlanta team.

Motivates Employees With Open Office Space in Atlanta

It’s important to organize your staff so communication is not hindered. Cubicles can close off employees from other team members and cause them to feel distant from the whole company.

With an open floor plan, employees are able to interact and see each other when communicating which makes relaying messages much easier. This encourages problem solving and fosters accountability.

According to the International Management Facility Association, more than 70 percent of employees now work in open offices. Employees working in collaboration-friendly open offices are more motivated to complete their tasks and work as a team.

Organization is Key to Office Space in Atlanta

Whether it’s an employee’s personal desk or common areas around the office, productivity suffers when clutter is present. An organized office and workspace means your employees can focus on the important tasks at hand rather than the clutter around them.

You may also want to get rid of traditional desks altogether. Although 98 percent of office spaces contain desks, about 65 percent of those also provide alternatives for employees to accomplish their work. This includes adjustable desks that allow employees to stand up and work.

Other options include offering medicine balls for employees to sit on instead of a traditional chair. Offering a stand up bar for employees to stretch their legs while still doing their work can also motivate employees to get their work done.

Use Flexible Office Space to Motivate Employees

Guardian Business Center offers flexible office space that you can transform into your ideal work environment. Our office suites can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. We also have excellent amenities like conference rooms, WiFi and an employee break room. We’re centrally located within the Atlanta perimeter and offer month to month contracts.

Success for small business is all about motivating your employees to work at their highest level so your company will grow. For more information on the flexible office space at Guardian Business Center, contact us today at (770) 458-6633.

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