How to Find a Political Office Space

Political Office Space | Guardian Business CenterMany people are starting to pay attention to the 2016 presidential election. However, many other local elections and statewide contests will take place next year.

Many candidates will search for a temporary home to house their campaign headquarters. Campaign managers handling city council, county commission, local school board and congressional district races need to find the ideal space for a campaign headquarters.

Here’s how to find the ideal political office space in Atlanta:

Look for Flexible Campaign Office Space

Of course, political office space is only needed for a certain amount of time. However, most office space in Atlanta is for long term lease.

Guardian Business Center offers a month to month contract to provide campaign organizations the space and flexibility they need. In the event that a campaign must be suspended or a candidate bows out of a race, the campaign won’t be left with months of time remaining on a lease.

Flexible office space also allows campaigns to increase or decrease the amount of space the organization uses as it gets closer to Election Day.

Select Campaign Office Space with State of the Art Amenities

Keeping an eye on who enters your campaign headquarters is a vital part of keeping campaign plans secure. Guardian Business Center uses high-tech surveillance to monitor who enters our facility and your campaign office.

You’ll also enjoy access to our wi-fi network so your campaign can easily stay in touch via email and keep its website up to date with candidate information.

Use Customized Floor Plans For Maximum Campaign Flexibility

Teamwork is a must for every campaign. Office layouts can play a big role in how your campaign team functions.

Guardian Business Center offers a variety of floor plans to suit your needs. You can configure your office space to promote communication and maximize productivity.

We also offer tenants the use of conference rooms for meetings and presentations.

Choose a Convenient Location for Your Campaign Office

Easy access to all major interstates in metropolitan Atlanta is key for a political campaign headquarters. An accessible office location will be a great help to your candidate when they are racing to meet and greet voters in different areas during the final weeks of a campaign.

Guardian Business Center is located inside Atlanta’s perimeter and offers easy access to I-285 and other interstates connecting greater Atlanta.

Whether your campaign is for a city council seat, spot on a county commission or a congressional race, Guardian Business Center will work with you to ensure you have the ideal political office space.

For more information about Guardian Business Center’s flexible office space options, contact us at 770-458-6633.

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