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Energy Saving Tips for Chamblee Offices

A crucial part of running a business is managing financial resources. However, maximizingEnergy Saving Tips for Chamblee Offices | Guardian Business Center profits doesn’t just stop with the products and services you provide to your customers.

Across the Atlanta area, businesses are seeking savings from energy conservation. They are monitoring the amount of energy they use inside of their offices and saving hundreds of dollars each year.
Here are a few energy saving tips for Chamblee offices that could save your business money and add to your bottom line.

Set the Right Temperature for Energy Saving at the Office

According to national energy statistics, more than 13 percent of energy used in office spaces comes from adjusting the thermostat.

Keep your thermostat at a comfortable 78-80 degrees when people are in the building and 85 degrees at night and on weekends during warmer months.

During summer months, setting your thermostat one degree higher can save you 2-3 percent on cooling costs.

When it’s colder outside, keep the temperatures at 68 degrees when your employees are at work and 55-60 degrees at night and on the weekends.

These steps prevent your HVAC system from continuously shifting between on and off. The constant start and stop of the unit causes energy to be consumed inefficiently.

Make Sure Office Equipment is Turned Off Overnight

One of the biggest energy consumers inside of your office comes from the computers you and your employees use to work. Having employees power down their computers before they leave the office can help reduce energy costs.

Using a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer can also reduce electricity costs. Desktop computers use more energy powering monitors as well as the computer itself directly from the wall power source.  Laptop computers can work off of battery power which means they don’t have to be plugged in at all times.

Also check equipment like monitors, printers and copiers for energy saving modes. Many of these types of equipment can be set to sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity to use less energy.

Choose Energy Efficient Office Space in Chamblee

Whether you are freelancing, running a startup business or expanding to a satellite office, a reasonably priced office space can help you save on energy costs. Guardian Business Center offers a wide variety of office spaces with helpful amenities and storage units to fit most budgets.

Our flexible office space in Chamblee comes with climate controlled storage units and energy efficient lighting designed to control energy costs without sacrificing productivity.

We also offer month to month contracts so your business has maximum flexibility to adjust its space usage as needed.

For more information on how Guardian Business Center can help your business, contact us today at 770-458-6633.

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