What to Look for in Atlanta Vehicle Storage

What to Look for in Atlanta Vehicle Storage | Guardian Business CenterSearching for a secure location for your vehicle, boat, or RV while you’re away for an extended period of time can be difficult. Leaving it at home or along the street leaves your vehicle vulnerable to burglary or vandalism.

If you’re like many business professionals in the Atlanta metro area, you’re traveling quite a bit and need a safe place to keep your vehicle. Here’s what to look for in Atlanta vehicle storage so you’re choosing the right option to protect your property.

Is Indoor and Outdoor Parking Offered?

Many vehicle storage facilities only offer outdoor parking. However, many vehicles don’t do well when exposed to harsh weather elements like sun and rain for extended periods of time. Atlanta also experiences unpredictable weather patterns during the summer that sometimes include hail.

Indoor parking is ideal for vintage vehicles, luxury automobiles, extra household vehicles, seasonal vehicles including convertibles, and work/corporate vehicles.

Guardian Business Center in Atlanta provides both indoor and outdoor vehicle storage.

Is the Vehicle Storage Facility Monitored?

Protection against theft, burglary and vandalism is the prime reason to use a vehicle storage facility. Be sure the storage facility you choose has a full system of monitored surveillance cameras that watches over your vehicle while it’s being stored.

If you’re choosing to store your vehicle outside, make sure the facility is fully fenced, adequately lit and has surveillance outdoors and along the perimeter of the property. 24-hour surveillance monitoring can reduce the chances of vehicle theft or vandalism.

Are there Contracts Involved for Service?

In the event you return early from a vacation or business trip, or simply need to retrieve your vehicle to use at the last minute, contracts can be inconvenient. The flexibility of month-to-month payments with no long-term contracts allows you to drop off and pick up your vehicle whenever you need it.

Avoid long-term agreement contracts that lock you into service for a year when most likely you will only use the facility for a few months. It’s an better way to save money while protecting your property.

Choosing Guardian Business Center for Your Vehicle Storage

Guardian Business Center offers you a safe and secure location to store your vehicle while away from your home, Our 24-hour surveillance monitoring keeps close watch over all property in our facility while trained staff lock and secure your vehicle away until you return.

Guardian Business Center is conveniently located near major expressways like I-85 and I-285 so that your drive to store your vehicle only takes minutes from where you live or work. Picking up is a breeze and there’s no need to spend hours trying to get to your vehicle after a long vacation or business trip.

For more information about vehicle storage contact Guardian Business Center today at 770-458-6633.

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