When To Start a Satellite Office in Atlanta

Opening A Business In Atlanta | Guardian Business CenterBeing in a position to open a satellite office is a great situation for any company looking to expand their reach. It means your company is growing in more ways than one. Still, it may be difficult to know when you should start a satellite office in Atlanta.

It makes sense to open a satellite office when you want to reach more customers. These may be potential customers in an underserved geographic area or existing customers demanding service in a particular area.

A satellite office can house sales representatives who can canvas the surrounding neighborhood for new customers.

Or maybe your market research indicates there are customers congregating at a nearby retail outlet or corporate office park. A satellite office may also be a strategic location used to attract customers who prefer more local interaction.

Satellite Office Improves Customer Service

A satellite office is also an advantage from a customer service perspective. It may be more convenient for clients to meet for consultations at a satellite office.

Staff can also respond to service calls faster from a satellite office when the customer is located in between your main office and your satellite office.

A satellite office with warehouse space can also shorten the distance to your customers. Storing and distributing products on site minimizes delivery times and saves money on fuel.

Grow Into a Satellite Office

It may be time for a satellite office when you’ve run out of room, but are not ready to move into bigger space.

Many businesses hesitate to expand to a new office because they want to avoid getting locked into an expensive, long term lease. A satellite office with month to month lease can offer flexibility to adapt or downsize due to business conditions.

If your current office is located in a prime downtown or retail location and you’re out of space, a satellite office located in a less expensive area is a sensible solution.

A satellite office can also improve work/life balance for employees by providing a work location that is more convenient for them.

You can configure the location of your staff according to their responsibilities. If your company has back office functions like accounting, staff from that team can remain at the main office. Meanwhile, sales and other team members with heavy client interactions can be housed at the satellite office.

Satellite offices don’t have to bust your budget. Satellite offices that are furnished or offer month to month leasing are typically less expensive. They provide amenities like reception areas, conference rooms, common areas and internet connections. Amenities like these make it easy for satellite offices to stay connected to your headquarters.

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