Freelance: Should You Rent An Office Space?

According to Business Insider, by year 2020, more than 60 million people are projected to be freelancers, contractors or temporary workers. As more Americans desire to take control of their professional life and work independently, having a dedicated space to work from will become important to consider.

Many freelancers choose to work from home or in local coffee shops, but there are pros and cons to this approach and we will discuss more about renting an office space.

In Atlanta, office space for freelancers is plentiful and finding the right space begins with assessing your work needs. The perfect work setting can be created in various structures, including shared office space, a shared desk or what are now commonly called “co-working” spaces.

Read on for the benefits of having dedicated office space and find out if renting is right for you.

Increase Efficiency

An office space is a great way to improve your efficiency and productivity by being inside of a collaborative work environment away from the distractions of home or those of a local coffee shop. Consider an office space for your business and watch your efficiency grow inside of your new office.

Office space rental does not have to take a dramatic chunk out of your budget. There are a multitude of options for office space rental that include various arrangements that can fit your needs. Office rentals can be monthly, weekly or even daily at some properties. Some freelancers may only need space for a specific project or goal, instead of a long-term arrangement.

For those who are interested in a shared option, this can assist you in not only saving money on a temporary space, but the networking opportunities are an awesome way to meet other professionals.

Networking is one of most important tasks for freelancers to uphold, as the larger the network you can create, the more opportunities you can discover. Consider a shared, or co-working space for your freelancing work and reap the benefits of the social environment and network accordingly.

Remedy From Isolation
Working away from the office can be a relief from the traditional office structure and politics. However, once out of the corporate environment, many freelancers find themselves bored and desiring social interaction. Although you may now be away from the everyday office drama, working around like-minded people is good for your sanity.

Work-Life Balance
Work life balance is important to achieve as an employee or as a freelancer. Often as one who is a freelancer or self-employed, there are long hours spent during the day inside of the home, with no apparent off or on switch. Renting an office space gives structure to your day and enables you to “leave work at work” and maintain balance as business thrives.

Renting an office space is a decision that all freelancers should consider. The benefits are plentiful and will only seek to grow your business by creating a productive environment that will allow your efficiency to thrive. Are you considering an office space and want to know more about your options? We can assist you in answering any questions about your office space needs. Contact us today at 770.458.6633.

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