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Tips for Renting Office Space

Renting office space is an exciting step in your growing business. There are various needs for office space rental from providing a consistent workspace for telecommuters and freelancers, or as a centralized location to continue building a private venture. Regardless of your need, there are universal factors to consider when searching for that perfect space to call your office.

Tips For Renting Office SpaceRent Office Space | Renting Office Space in Atlanta | Guardian Business Center

Need tips for renting office space in Atlanta? Let’s discuss options, as there are various choices the freelancer, entrepreneur or telecommuter should consider when making a decision on their new workspace.

Many people are not 9AM-5PM types. Your personal hours of productivity may vary, as a great majority of millennials are night owls, arguably from long college nights spent studying at the library; and these habits may have rolled over into adulthood. If you are not a fan of the traditional work schedule, make sure your office space rental is available during the hours in which you are most productive. Ask your commercial landlord, realtor or facilities manager if the building has after-hours access or 24-hour availability. Don’t get trapped into an office space that isn’t best fit for your working style.

Overhead costs will vary depending on the nature of your business, yet of course you will want to keep those numbers down in efforts to bring in more profit. In addition to traditional commercial space you can rent, there are other options such as shared or co-working space that is available on a more variable time length which may be great for when business slows if you’re in a seasonal venture, or if you only need space during a certain time frame.

Where your office is located is one of the most important considerations, especially in metro Atlanta. With so many variables to factor, choosing an office space that is easily accessible to you and your business partners or those you will be doing business with is important. Understand the flows of Atlanta traffic and take into account easy interstate access to your office from your home or for other business errands.

Administrative and Connectivity
You don’t have to be a tech business to have a connectivity requirement. You new office space should have Wi-Fi access, but other technology and housekeeping amenities are an added advantage to you. Fax machines, printing equipment, mail answering/forwarding or even a dedicated address you can utilize is worth the investment and will bring value to your space.

Choosing an office space is much like choosing a rental apartment or home, therefore its advised to select wisely. Review all contracts and pricing to ensure that you are receiving the best rental rate and that you fully understand the terms of your lease.

Guardian Business Center is here to help freelancers, telecommuters and entrepreneurs solve their office space woes with a productive, clean environment to host your business. Contact us today at 770.458.6633 for more information on how we can help your business!

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