Benefits of Separating Home and Work

Separating Home From Work | Telecommuting in Atlanta | Guardian Business CenterThe number of Americans working from home has spiked 41% since 1999 and the trend continues to rise. Are you freelancing, telecommuting or just working from home on personal projects? If yes, surely you have encountered your own set of challenges with maintaining productivity at home versus a traditional office setting. While working from home may save you time in commuting, car maintenance or even a professional wardrobe, it’s a good idea to consider your workspace options outside of the home for added work-life balance.

Separating home and work in Atlanta presents unique challenges. The concerns will mount: battle morning traffic to loiter in the nearest Starbucks for the next open seat to use free Wi-Fi; or stay at home and try to ignore all of the natural distractions in your living space?

Unfortunately, the joy of working from home is often overshadowed by the constant reminder of a sink full of last night’s dishes, laundry waiting to be washed or the dog holding his leash in front of you; all temptations that can easily lead you astray from your daily to-do list.

However, there are several benefits to separating home and work that will help ease your telecommute concerns and enhance your overall productivity.

3 Reasons To Separate Home and Work

Avoid Isolation

Utilizing an outside office space keeps you from the isolation that occurs when one is exclusively working from home. Many freelancers or telecommuters enjoy the freedom of being unbridled from the office; yet lose the important social interaction that the workplace provides. Make time to get out of the house and use a separate office space to prevent monotony and boredom with your home workspace.


Have you met anyone new lately while working from home? Probably not. Getting out of the house is sometimes necessary to not only run work errands, but also to expand your network and exchange ideas with new people. If you are a solopreneur or freelancer, meeting new people is important to growing your business and increasing in your respective fields. Unless you’re using social media, true human interaction and network is good for business — and your mental health.

Build A Professional Presence

Working from home is great until you have to host a meeting, meet with clients or hold interviews. In the high likelihood that you will have to meet with other business people, a separate office space will help you maintain an upright professional image and keep guests out of your home, or a crowded coffee shop.

Separating home and work has inherent benefits and all options should be considered when electing to work from home, whether as an employee or entrepreneur. If freedom is what you desire, a dedicated office space outside of your home will prove to be beneficial for your health, business and professional presence. Contact us for more information on office space in Atlanta.

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